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Thrive… even when your competitors struggle.

Navigate your constantly changing marketplace and make consistent progress toward your short- and long-term goals with Growth Assurance.  We work directly alongside your team to identify, prioritize, and take advantage of the most profitable growth opportunities and drive the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate growth in a world of constant change.

Growth Assurance is a sustainable growth program that combines our proprietary benchmarking, analytics, and other tools with continued support and training. This unique service often helps our clients grow and scale at incredible rates, regularly improving their Compound Annual Growth Rate by 2.6X – 5.1X, and sometimes more.

And there are a few powerful secondary benefits, too:

Agility to Navigate Change

Your market, competitors, and customer needs are constantly changing.  Therefore, to remain relevant and effective your growth program must have the ability to evolve quickly to both external and internal dynamics.  Growth Assurance turns your growth strategy and activities into an agile, data-driven system that helps you quickly and effectively navigate change.

Fast Track Your Growth Results

For growth-motivated organizations wanting to expedite measurable results, this program is a perfect fit.  Growth Assurance combines our methodical and proven system for creating sustainable growth with hands-on execution and change management support.  The result:  our clients improve their speed in planning, execution, and results.

Reduce Risk and Uncertainty

Growth Assurance removes the guesswork from your growth strategy.  Regular performance benchmarking and our unique process for continuous learning/adaptation/improvement gives us the current and relevant information needed to drive results.  This improves your team’s growth capabilities, data-validated decision making, and their ability to balance optimism and realism.


235.7% Revenue Growth

From $14M to $76M over 3.5 years for an industrial distributor.

84% Increase in Revenue

From $147M to $271M for a manufacturer over three years (22.6% CAGR).

$8M to $19M in Two Years

Achieved 54% CAGR (138% total revenue growth) for an industrial service provider.



The rules of organic revenue growth have changed.

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. 120 Growth helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

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