Performance & Capabilities Benchmarking

Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth

120 Growth helps established businesses grow faster and more efficiently in competitive and disrupted environments. Can your organization turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation?

Quantifiable Growth and ROI

Accelerate growth in sales, profit, and company valuation. We provide the systems and tools for measurement and accountability at every step.

Gain Clarity and Control

Focus and unify your teams around shared priorities, minimize the risks associated with growth, and simplify growing your business.

Build an Agile Growth Strategy

Create more “wins” in competitive situations. While most struggle with change and competition, you build competitive advantage.

Growth Capabilities Benchmarking

Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with. This will shorten the time needed to build your dream website.

What is it?

Each block of content can be customised ‘in place’ using our simple & powerful style editors. Texts can be edited by changing fonts from Google’s selection.

How does it help?

Adding content using our platform is what we believe to be a web design breakthrough: just press the + Button found between each section of content to add it.

Who is it for?

No more admin interfaces, no more updating & refreshing. Build your site directly in the page and edit everything.

What does it cover?

Our quest for supreme ease of use is backed by the most modern web technologies. This is so intuitive, that learning your way around it requires no docs.

Best Features

Create beautiful web content. Interactive web content work on desktops, smartphones & iPad’s. 

Design Style

Just click & drag to create beautiful pages in a matter of minutes. No designer talent, developer wits or coding skills necessary.

Multiple Layouts

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with this you’ll be a pro the second you start using it. 

Infinite Customisations

Bring vibrance to your site by setting color & transparency with our amazing color overlays options. Simple, fast & stylish.

Drag & Drop

Every text, image, icon or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it and applying the customisation options. 

Five Reasons Why

Lack of Focus

Teams spend too much time and energy on things that don’t generate measurable results.

Resistance to Change

People and teams get stuck in comfort zones, preventing learning, adaptation, and improvement.

Poor Results

Lack of knowledge, poor alignment, and conflicting priorities can prevent effective growth.

Typical Client Results

Clarity & Control

Simplify growing your business and focus your teams to save time, money, and reduce wasted effort.


Quickly adapt to changing conditions such as competitive forces and market disruptions.

Quantifiable Results

Turn 1% change into 20% growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. 120 Growth helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

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