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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth

120 Growth helps established businesses grow faster and more efficiently in competitive and disrupted environments. Can your organization turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation? There are two simple, free, no-pressure ways to find out:

Add a powerful new revenue stream your clients will both value and love.
Develop your own Unique Value Proposition and stand out in your market.
Drive both short- and long-term financial performance for yourself and your clients.

The Big Idea

To grow your marketing agency or consultancy in 2022 and beyond, you must overcome some serious challenges:

Extreme Competition

Powered by a low barrier to entry, the global economy and an abundance of Do It Yourself options that are easily available to your prospects.

Economic Uncertainty

Triggered by rising inflation, geopolitical issues, and the looming threat of recession. Nothing slows business progress more than uncertainty.

Making matters worse, if you fail to deliver a quick Return On Investment, you risk being thought of as ineffective or unnecessary… and becoming the victim of budget cuts.

The well-positioned agency or consultancy that creates and delivers unique value, client experiences, and demonstrates a quick ROI will gain a serious competitive advantage. This webpage will show you how to achieve this competitive advantage with growth strategy benchmarking.

Russ Holder & 120 Growth have been featured in…

Selling consulting services is difficult

Consider the typical consulting sales process from your prospect’s point of view…

Typical Selling Situation
You’re selling the same thing as your competitors.
The prospect doesn’t fully understand the value you can provide them.
They have unrealistic expectations about results.
The Result: the prospect sees you as high-risk because they have to spend money up-front for benefits that can’t be quantified or guaranteed.
Ideal Selling Situation
You have a service only you can offer.
Your prospects understand and need your service.
Your service has a strong and clear link to quantified value.
The Result: the prospect wants your service because they can see a clear path to a significant Return On Investment.

This is called a Unique Value Proposition… and almost nobody has one. Growth Strategy Benchmarking can change that for you.

Gain the elusive Unique Value Proposition with Growth Strategy Benchmarking

An offer only you can make…
With a clear and believable link to value…
And demonstrable ROI in 90-120 days…
That re-positions your competitors.
120 Growth Benchmarking

How Growth Strategy Benchmarking Works

Benchmark Your Client’s Growth Strategy

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Identify Opportunities for Growth and Improvement

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Plan and Execute Your Client’s Growth Journey

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Increase your client’s score – grow their business

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120 Growth Catalyst
120 Growth Catalyst Score Impact

High scoring companies grow 3-7 times faster than low scoring companies.

Startup founders often have a more casual or offbeat attitude in their dress, office space and marketing, as compared to traditional corporations. For example, startup founders in the 2010s may wear hoodies, sneakers and other casual clothes to business meetings.

Cultivate integrated markets

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What is 120 Growth?

120 Growth is a revenue growth consultancy that helps clients drive sustainable growth in a methodical, non-disruptive way. Based on the 120 Growth Operating System, we bring a systematic approach to predictably growing your business in unpredictable times.

How can 120 Growth help?

Constant change, increased competition, and frequent disruptions are the “new normal”, and with it comes uncertainty and loss of control. 120 Growth helps you regain control of your growth efforts, turning a few 1% improvements into sustainable growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

120 Growth for

Agencies & Consultants

Increase closing rates by 60-140% while cutting your sales effort in half… all while differentiating your services and adding a proven revenue growth solution.

Last workshop stuff

Before Growth Strategy Benchmarking

Lack of Focus

Teams spend too much time and energy on things that don’t generate measurable results.

Resistance to Change

People and teams get stuck in comfort zones, preventing learning, adaptation, and improvement.

Poor Results

Lack of knowledge, poor alignment, and conflicting priorities can prevent effective growth.

After Growth Strategy Benchmarking

Clarity & Control

Simplify growing your business and focus your teams to save time, money, and reduce wasted effort.


Quickly adapt to changing conditions such as competitive forces and market disruptions.

Quantifiable Results

Turn 1% change into 20% growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

A holistic approach to growth for your clients

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Create a durable competitive advantage

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Accelerate short-term revenue growth

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Build a business that investors will love

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Discover Your Growth Potential

Does your organization have the potential and capabilities to drive and sustain revenue growth in today’s business climate? How can you know for sure?

Our free, proprietary Growth Potential Score assessment provides key insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas to improve both short- and long-term growth. The assessment is free, remarkably thorough, and you get your results immediately.

Want to know if you’re a good fit?

It’s both easy and risk-free to learn about 120 Growth and how we can help you achieve your growth goals faster, more profitably, and with less risk.

Step 1

Discover Your Growth Potential

Take our free online Growth Potential Score assessment and get your score immediately. It’s thorough, revealing, and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Step 2

Get Your Free Starter Kit

After completing the Growth Potential Score assessment, you receive free access to 120 Growth Starter Kit to jumpstart your sustainable growth journey.

Step 3

Schedule Your Free CEO Briefing

This “no selling” 30-minute conversation will let us know if we’re a good fit and if your business has the potential to turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile

This is the spot to learn how to build apps. You’ll learn the language, tools, and necessary concepts to get your app out the door.

Brand Business

If you love food and beverages, whether you enjoy making.

Cultivate markets

If you live in the Bay Area or travel to and from New York.

Create Account

Grow your business by the numbers…

Clients who improve their 120 Growth Catalyst Benchmark scores, clients regulary see results like these:

2.6 X

Average Improvement in CAGR

(improve from 1st Quartile to 2nd Quartile)

5.6 X

Average Improvement in CAGR

(improve from 1st Quartile to 3rd Quartile)

3 X

Greater ROIC

Russ Holder and the story of 120 Growth

Russ Holder developed the 120 Growth Operating System to make all aspects of planning, executing, and managing your growth activities easier and more effective.

  • Focus your business to turn a few small 1% improvements into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.
  • Build an agile and more resilient business that is better able to withstand competitive forces, changing economic conditions, and future disruptions.

Learn more about Russ Holder & 120 Growth

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. 120 Growth helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

Questions or ideas? Let’s talk.


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