The 120 Growth Operating System

Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth

120 Growth helps established businesses grow faster and more efficiently in competitive and disrupted environments. Can your organization turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation? There are two simple, free, no-pressure ways to find out:

Quantifiable Growth and ROI

Accelerate growth in sales, profit, and company valuation. We provide the systems and tools for measurement and accountability at every step.

Gain Clarity and Control

Focus and unify your teams around shared priorities, minimize the risks associated with growth, and simplify growing your business.

Build an Agile Growth Strategy

Create more “wins” in competitive situations. While most struggle with change and competition, you build competitive advantage.

What separates the fastest growing companies from the rest in their market?

An organization’s health—its ability to align around and achieve strategic goals—is critical for long-term performance. However, many leaders overlook organizational health because they lack a clear way to measure and improve it. Organizational Health Index (OHI) applies analytical rigor to organizational health management. Our quantitative diagnostics and proven recipes for success empower senior leaders to measure and achieve the organizational health required to sustain long-term performance.

Benchmark Your Performance

The performance benchmark provides leaders and investors with a clear and detailed picture of the organization’s growth strategy, opportunities, and performance compared to their peers.

Align Your Activities

Sustainable growth requires different teams in your organization to share common priorities and goals. The 120 Growth Catalyst help you organize and focus your activities to get everyone on the same page.

Drive Sustainable Growth

The 120 Growth Catalyst provides a methodical and comprehensive system for planning, executing, and managing your growth strategy, and simplifies the process of creating sustainable growth.

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. 120 Growth helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

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