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The 120 Growth Catalyst

Grow your business, not your workload.

Unleash the growth potential of your company in just two days with the 120 Growth Catalyst. Gain clarity and control of your business while reducing risk as you chart a path that drives sustainable growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

The easiest way to turn 1% change into 20% annual growth.

The 120 Growth Catalyst is a performance benchmarking and strategic planning system that simplifies sustainable growth. Providing you with the data, measures,

and clarity to make better decisions, it removes roadblocks that cause confusion and inaction.

As a strategic planning tool, your 120 Growth Catalyst score links strategy to capabilities, capabilities to performance, and performance to sustainable growth. In volatile and uncertain markets, it’s more important than ever to rely on data to guide your decisions. It gives you hard measure for many soft topics that drive your growth performance.

Benchmark Your Performance

The performance benchmark provides business leaders and investors with a clear and detailed picture of the organization’s growth strategy, opportunities, and performance compared to their peers.

Align Your Teams & Activities

Sustained growth requires many different teams within the organization to share common goals and priorities. The 120 Growth Catalyst helps you organize and focus your activities to get everyone on the same page.

Drive Sustainable Growth

The 120 Growth Catalyst provides you with a comprehensive, methodical, and repeatable system for planning, executing, and managing your growth strategy, simplifying the process of creating sustainable growth.

Why companies don’t grow as effectively as they want.

We have found that most growth problems (increasing revenues, profitability, market share, and enterprise value) are due to one or more of the following causes:

Strategy Challenges
  • The business needs to adapt to changes in the marketplace.
  • Our market lacks understanding of why they should buy from us over competitors.
  • We need to prepare the business for an investment or exit valuation.
Execution Challenges
  • We do the same things every day and expect different results.
  • Our business should be more organized and systematized at this point.
  • Teams are not well aligned with our strategy and growth objectives.
Sales & Marketing Challenges
  • We lack a well-defined message and are unclear on our positioning.
  • Our investments in sales and marketing rarely have a clear ROI.
  • There is no real synergy across key departments, especially sales and marketing.
Management & Leadership Challenges
  • Decisions are often made on guesswork, not real data and external validation.
  • We need fresh insights at the executive level, not just a rehash of current thinking.
  • “Comfortable” employees have lost their sense of urgency and innovation.
120 Growth problems we solve


51.2% CAGR

From $14M to $32M in two years for manufacturer.

Saves $2,000,000

Private Equity firm saves $2M off acquisition cost after using the 120 Growth Catalyst as part of due dilligence.

$400K to $2.2M in One Year

Helped grow a start-up consulting firm by over 450% in only one year.

The 120 Growth Catalyst – it’s like mission control for company growth.


Always Mission Focused

Every strategy and activity directly impacts our client’s growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.


Highly Organized

Your growth strategy will be structured so small changes drive significant results, so it won’t disrupt your daily operations.


Continually Proactive

Too often managers get stuck in reactive mode, putting out fires, and don’t spend enough time moving the business forward.


Accelerate Growth at Every Stage

You will have the data and tools needed to accelerate profitable growth at any stage of your business cycle.


Adapt Quickly to Change

Quickly adjust to changing conditions, disruptions, and competitive forces to avoid lost opportunity and unnecessary risk.


Achieve Excellence

Deploy a proven system to improve the results of your growth activities and the capabilities of your teams.

Improve your score – grow your business.

Organizations that score higher on the 120 Growth Catalyst benchmark grow at significantly higher rates than their peers. Because the performance benchmark is directly tied into revenue drivers in your business, there is a clear link between scores and growth rates.

To put it simply, the higher a client scores on the benchmark, the faster they tend to grow. Even better, as you improve your benchmark score over time, you will grow faster.

Grow your business by the numbers…

By improving their 120 Growth Catalyst Benchmark score, clients regulary see results like these:

2.6 X

Average Improvement in CAGR

(improve from 1st Quartile to 2nd Quartile)

5.1 X

Average Improvement in CAGR

(improve from 1st Quartile to 4th Quartile)

3 X

Greater ROIC

Details About the 120 Growth Catalyst

What is the 120 Growth Catalyst?

The 120 Growth Catalyst is a short, proprietary, value-packed process that makes achieving sustainable growth easier. Tailored specifically to your unique circumstances and objectives, it provides a systematic framework for driving organic growth, company valuation, and an agile competitive advantage.

Combining a comprehensive performance benchmarking system with a mutli-dimensional strategic planning framework, the 120 Growth Catalyst helps you measure and improve all areas of your organic growth strategy. The primary objective is to improve hard financial performance, but we also put quantifiable measurements on often overlooked and neglected soft areas, too. This empowers your leaders to measure and improve team capabilities and overall performance. 

The result: a single source of reality to base decisions and uncover growth insights so you make constant progress toward your goals.

How will it help?

Giving CEOs and company leaders a solid, proven process for creating, measuring, and improving all elements of your organic growth strategy, the 120 Growth Catalyst delivers many immediately useful outcomes and benefits:

  • Benchmark your growth strategy, activities, execution, and capabilities against a wide-range of high-performance organizations.
  • Quantify the financial benefits of specific areas of change and improvement.
  • Align your teams around a common set of priorities.
  • Create a clear growth vision with realistic and achievable timeframes and milestones.
  • The 120 Growth Catalyst compresses potentially months of work into a couple of days.
120 Growth Catalyst performance dashboard
How does it work?

The 120 Growth Catalyst is a proprietary two-day process for rapidly measuring performance and developing your agile growth plan.  Designed specifically to help you solve growth challenges and create new opportunities, it organizes your growth strategy and activities into an easily measurable and manageable framework.

Too often consultants start offering recommendations and ideas before they fully understand the client’s business.  The 120 Growth Catalyst solves this problem by systematically guiding your team through a comprehensive benchmarking of 37 different growth drivers, measuring degree of alignment, quality of execution, and capacity for renewal.

The result is a single 120 Growth Catalyst benchmark score, an index measuring performance of 11 critical growth measures, and a gap analysis for each of the 37 growth drivers.  This establishes a precise picture of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses and ensures everyone is on the same page and understands what goes into each metric.

As you systematically work on improving your performance in each of these growth drivers, your business grows predictably.  Therefore, the 120 Growth Catalyst benchmark can be conducted periodically to track your progress comprehensively or selectively and further drive your growth program.

What does it cover?

The 120 Growth Catalyst benchmark measures your organization’s performance and potential across the Four Non-Negotiables of Sustainable Growth:

  1. your strategic foundation
  2. short-term growth drivers (revenue)
  3. the ability to continually adapt and improve
  4. long-term growth drivers (valuation)

The benchmark breaks it down ever further into 11 critical growth measures, and the performance of 37 drivers of sustainable growth.

Clients receive a risk assessment with a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses, a gap analysis comparing performance to best practice, and an analysis quantifying and prioritizing dozens of growth opportunities.

With this information, we then develop a clear strategic plan to drive immediate revenue growth (within 90 days), short-term growth (12 months), and long-term growth (beyond one year).

Who is it for?

People: C-level business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs wanting to achieve their growth goals in a simple, structured, and controlled manner.

Businesses: B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, service providers, and private equity firms.

The 120 Growth Catalyst has worked for businesses ranging in size from $3.7 million to over $4 billion in annual revenue.  However, it is most relevant to mid-market organizations and high-growth smaller companies.

Our most successful clients tend to have ambitious growth goals and want to turn their vision into reality using a structured and easily managed process.  Some have suffered from growth stalls or erratic performance in the past, and they want to turn things around.

Geography is rarely a limitation, and we have delivered the 120 Growth Catalyst to companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Can the 120 Growth Catalyst help your business turn 1% change into 20% annual growth? Schedule a no-pressure phone conversation today to find out.

10 reasons why clients get a 120 Growth Catalyst:

You’re doing well, but you know you could be doing better.

You want every possible competitive advantage you can get.

You want a system that is easily measured, managed, and held accountable.

Growth has slowed or stalled, and you want to change that quickly.

You want to focus and unify your teams around a results-oriented plan.

Your products and services are good, but sales sometimes struggle.

You want to spendmore time working ON your business, not just IN it.

You want to remove indecision about the future growth of your business.

You want less talk and more action and accountability.

You want to build a sustainable business with a strong future sale value.

Our Promise to You

We want to make working with us as easy and risk free as possible, ensuring you a positive experience and impact.

Getting Started Is Easy
Determine Your Benchmark Score
Your 120 Growth Catalyst score is a leading indicator of sustainable growth performance based on our testing and global benchmark.
Identify Your Best Path to Success
We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to 20% annual growth using only 1% improvements in a few key areas.
Plan & Execute Your Growth Journey
We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to 20% annual growth using only 1% improvements in a few key areas.
Value Promise
1% Change – 20% Growth Promise
We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to 20% annual growth using only 1% improvements in a few key areas.
120X ROI Promise
The opportunity identified through the 120 Growth Catalyst will be at least 120-times greater than the fee paid for the service.
Quality Promise
We guarantee the time spent with us will be worthwhile, or we will work with you until you are satisfied.

Discover Your Growth Potential

Does your organization have the potential and capabilities needed to sustain growth in today’s business climate? Our free, proprietary Growth Potential Score online assessment provides key insights into your strenghts, weaknesses, and specific areas to improve both short- and long-term growth. The assessment takes only 10-12 minutes to complete, is remarkably thorough, and you get your results immediately.

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. 120 Growth helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

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