Can you guess who is the 120 Growth client?

Typical Client Results

Grow faster, more profitably, and with less risk.  Discover how you can make 1% change create 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

Your results are what matters.


Grow Sales, Profit & Market Share

Gain control over profitable growth while building a lasting competitive advantage.

Increase Your Business Valuation

Unify and focus your teams while building a stronger, more valuable business.

Create an Agile Competitive Advantage

Unify and focus your teams while building a stronger, more valuable business.

Having goals is great...

Having an executable plan to turn those goals into a quantifiable reality is a completely different story.  And having the experience to know you need a simple, structured, and repeatable approach to achieve your goals is the sign of a realist and seasoned business builder.


120 Growth can advise and support your team and help you create greater results from your efforts, achieving your goals faster and more efficiently.

120 Growth can be your competitive edge.

Results by the numbers...

Industrial Distributor

Developed a growth program that helped a $14 million industrial distributor increase sales to $76 million over the next 3.5 years (235.7% growth).


Assisted a packaging wholesaler in creating a sales improvement system that increased sales across three divisions from $147M to $271M (84%) in three years.


Created a comprehensive sales and marketing program and provided training for a retail computer store that resulted in a 325% increase in sales in one year.


Created a comprehensive business development program that helped grow the company from $17M to $47M in annual sales in 2.5 years.


Created a program that raised a company’s valuation from $6M to $24M in just over two years, ending with a successful acquisition from a major industry player.


Developed a major accounts program that closed 40 new major accounts while helping grow revenue from $14M to $32M in only two years.

Industrial Services

Created and new service offering that increased average order amounts by 20% while helping the client grow from $100M to $125M in 18 months.


Developed a multi-faceted marketing program that helped a technology distributor increase sales by 38% in the first year, and 60% in year two.

Commercial Roofing

Created a sales program that doubled the client’s ability to get appointments with decision makers and contributed to $13M to $51M growth in three years.

Professional Services

Created a marketing program and a major accounts sales program that landed over one hundred Fortune 500 accounts in three years.

Corporate Training

Developed a marketing program targeting local major accounts within a 200-mile radius.  The result was 16 new Fortune 500 clients in only six months.


Created a marketing program targeting 50 potential major accounts attending an industry trade show.  The result was 21 of these accounts closed within 120 days.

Subsea Services

Developed a comprehensive sales and marketing program that helped grow a subsea services company from $8M to $19M in less than two years.

Offshore Services

Created a comprehensive business development strategy that directed the growth of the company from $4M to $23M over 5 years.

Consulting Firm

Created a comprehensive marketing program that grew a startup consulting firm in the telecom industry from $400K to $2.2M in less than a year.

Medical Testing

Created and implemented a multi-step lead generation program that increased the number of qualified leads by over 50%, and improved conversion by almost 70%.


Redesigned an advertising campaign that pulled an average of 300% greater response than previous ads while reducing returns by almost 40%.

Marketing Agency

Re-engineered the sales process of a marketing consulting firm.  The result was a 40% increase in closing ratio and higher value engagements.

HR Consulting Firm

Created a business development system that helped an HR consulting firm double their sales and client base for three consecutive years.

A year in the life of a typical 120 Growth client.

120 Growth clients receive support every step of the way, through your entire growth journey.  Every step of the way we monitor the performance of your growth activities, making recommendations to improve outcomes and remaining ready to pivot if your market environment changes.

Your Results:  An agile competitive advantage and 20% or more annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.



We start with the 120 Growth Catalyst to assess risk, benchmark performance across 37 growth drivers, and begin creating your growth plan.

Monthly Progress

With your strategic and tactical plans created, KPIs are assigned, and we start making simple, systematic improvements across the targeted growth drivers.

Quarterly Progress

Measure quarterly growth driver performance.  Some clients choose to conduct the 120 Growth Catalyst every quarter to consistently update benchmark scores.

Annual Reassessment

Reassessment of your company’s growth progress and maturity, and your year two growth planning.

Free Assessment

Discover Your Growth Potential

Free Online Growth Assessment

Identify growth opportunities in your business. What is your potential for growing sales, profit, and company valuation with the 120 Growth Framework?

Your Custom Starter Kit

Based on your assessment answers, the 120 Growth Starter Kit provides strategies and tips for creating sustainable growth and an enduring competitive advantage.

4 Client Case Studies

Real-world case studies from our clients detailing the strategies they used and the results they achieved with the 120 Growth Framework.

More Useful Tools

Tools to help you identify, evaluate, and execute on growth opportunities.
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