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120 Growth Resources

Here you will find all kinds of resources to help you grow better, faster, and more profitably, and with less risk and uncertainty.

Will 120 Growth Work for You?


Discover Your Growth Potential

This free assessment helps you identify growth opportunities within your business, and obstacles hindering your success.


The 120 Growth Checklist

How does your growth plan stack up? The 120 Growth Checklist is a quick and easy way to find out.


Are You a 'Good Fit' Quiz

Will the 120 Growth Framework work for you and your business? Find out in just two minutes by taking this quick online quiz.

Free 120 Growth Starter Kit

An excellent (and free) first step for generating dramatic and sustainable growth with the 120 Growth Framework.

The 120 Growth Starter Kit includes:

  • 5-Part Mini-Course – discover how to use the 120 Growth Framework to build a lasting and durable competitive advantage while growing sales, profit, and company valuation.
  • 4 Client Case Studies – real-world case studies from our clients detailing the strategies they used and the results they achieved with 120 Growth.
  • Tools & Assessments you can use to better assess, choose, and execute growth opportunities.

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