Got Questions?

Below are answers to some of the most common questions we get about 120 Growth and our services.

Our Value

  • 120 Growth is a strange name. What does it mean?

    We chose the name 120 Growth because that is the outcome we produce (and guarantee) for our clients who follow the 120 Growth Framework:

    • A few small 1% changes produce 20% or more annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.
    • With the 120 Growth Catalyst program, the outcome is a minimal 120X return on investment.
  • What value does 120 Growth add to my organization?

    120 Growth exists to help our clients accelerate growth in a simple, methodical, and predictable way.  We help them get organized and focused in a way that allows a few small 1% changes to drive 20% or more annual growth in sales, profit, and company value.

    With all of our services, we strive to achieve a 20:1 return on investment for our clients, and we back that up with a performance guarantee.

  • How is 120 Growth better than other programs?

    We love this question!  There are three important ways that we’re different and better than other growth programs:

    1. First, we’re totally focused on producing quantifiable ROI for our clients, and we give them the tools to measure it and hold us accountable. Did we mention that this ROI is guaranteed in most of our programs?
    2. Second, companies fail when they try to implement radical change. We help our clients focus and align their activities in a way that greatly simplifies the growth process.  That’s how we can make 1% change produce 20% annual growth.
    3. Third, while many companies struggle in today’s increasingly volatile and competitive markets, our clients build a durable competitive advantage.
  • Did you say that you have a guarantee?

    Yes, we guarantee both the quality of our work and the measurable value you receive.

    1. 1% Change – 20% Growth Promise – if we can’t help you identify a clear path to 20% annual growth based on a few small 1% changes, then we will refund 100% of our fees.
    2. 120X ROI Promise – we go even further with the 120 Growth Catalyst by guaranteeing 120X ROI. The opportunity we identify will be at least 120-times greater than the fee paid for the service, or we refund your money.
    3. Quality Promise – we guarantee the time spent with us will be worthwhile, or we work with you until you are satisfied.
  • How can you promise so much value?

    Over 22 years, we’ve created intellectual property that allows us to package and deliver our services efficiently and effectively. What often takes companies weeks or months to do, we’ve refined into a process that takes just a couple of days.  You’re buying outcomes, not time, and the sooner you can start creating results, the better off you’ll be.  That’s what 120 Growth will help you do.

Working With 120 Growth

  • Who uses 120 Growth?

    We typically work with B2B organizations ranging from $10 million to $100 million in annual sales.  However, we have clients as large as $4 billion and as small as $3 million.  The only real parameter for 120 Growth to be effective is to have an established business.

  • We have our own growth strategy and program. Can we incorporate it with 120 Growth?

    We actively encourage organizations to develop their own strategies and growth programs.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little tweaking to get the results you want.  We understand that our clients want as little disruption to their operations as possible, and that remains one of our top priorities throughout our engagement.

  • How do other organizations use 120 Growth?

    The 120 Growth Framework is highly customizable and easy to integrate into almost every business with a business model based on repeat purchases.  Because we’re always focused on our client’s goals and their unique situation, the way a company uses our services varies significantly from one business to another.  At its core, the 120 Growth Framework gives you a simple structure to progress on your growth objectives, tracking your progress and making adjustments as necessary.

  • How much time will it take?

    Spending a little time to get organized and focused will save you an enormous amount of time and energy.  Let’s take the 120 Growth Catalyst for example.  Over a period of just a few days you will:

    1. Develop your growth strategy and plan
    2. Solve major growth challenges
    3. Create new growth opportunities
    4. Organize everything into an easily measured and manageable framework.

    With 120 Growth, you will literally compress months of work into a few days.

  • Is the geography gap between us an issue?

    Working together in a face-to-face environment is ideal, and we travelled all over the world to do this.  However, if for any reason this is not practical, we can do it via web conferencing.  We have successfully worked with clients in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

  • When should we start? -or- When can we start?

    Why would you want to put off something that’s going to drive immediate and long-term value?  Though there are certain events in organizations that can reduce the value or efficiency of our services, we will discuss this before agreeing to work with you.  However, if you have a genuine desire to grow, then nothing should get in your way.

    If growth is your goal, it’s never too soon to start, and it’s never too late.  Why hold back on additional sales and profit?  Lost time equals lost opportunities for growth, resulting in business and money lost to your competitors.

Still have questions?

Your questions help us learn and improve, so feel free to ask anything.  You can reach us any time from our contact page.

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