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Grow faster, more profitably, and with less risk.  Discover how you can make 1% change create 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation.

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Sales, Profit & Market Share

Gain control over profitable growth while building a lasting competitive advantage.


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Company Valuation

Build strategic value into your business while improving ROI for stakeholders.


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Unify and focus your teams while building a stronger, more valuable business.


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Common Growth Challenges

We asked nearly 1,300 company leaders about their growth challenges.  These were their top four responses:

Winning in Competitive Markets

Increased competition is driving down profit margins and making it tougher to win in their markets.


Underperforming Sales Teams

Their sales teams are not achieving their revenue goals or reaching their full potential.


Untapped Growth Potential

There is unrealized potential in their company and they’re not growing as fast as they should.


More Growth From Current Customers

They are missing out on growth opportunities within their existing customer base.

What Makes 120 Growth Different?

120 Growth is a strategic business development company that helps organizations grow sales, profit, and company valuation in an Agile, minimally disruptive way.


The result:  You can turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth.

Have You Found Your Sweet Spot?

If you want efficient and sustainable growth, then you need to find your sweet spot.

  • Strategic Foundation

    The 120 Growth Framework helps you stay focused on the two primary goals of strategy:  creating competitive advantage and driving financial performance.

  • Short-Term Growth

    The 120 Growth Framework activates nine growth rivers that directly impact revenue and profit growth.  These improvements are measurable, quantifiable, and can be held accountable for top- and bottom-line growth.

  • Continuous Improvement

    The speed of change has become so quick that it’s difficult to maintain a strategic focus.  The 120 Growth Framework helps you create an agile growth strategy, incorporating continuous learning, adaptation, and improvement into the operations of the business.

  • Long-Term Growth

    A bonus benefit of the 120 Growth Framework is that it activates 12 different equity drivers, each making your business a more valuable and sellable asset.

Before 120 Growth

Lack of Focus

Teams spend too much time and energy on things that don’t generate financially quantifiable results.

Resistance to Change

People and teams get stuck in comfort zones, preventing learning, adaptation, and improvement.

Poor Execution

Lack of knowledge, poor alignment, and conflicting priorities can prevent effective growth.

After 120 Growth


Gain certainty while reducing stress.  Simplify growing your business.  Focus and unify your teams.


Save time, money, and wasted effort.  Win more in competitive markets.  Capture more market share.


Measurable improvements in sales, profit, and company valuation with minimal disruption.  Turn 1% Change into 20% Growth.

Who We Work With

Our clients are B2B organizations that range in size from $2 million to over $4 billion in annual revenue.  They all want to achieve their growth goals in a simple, structured, and repeatable way.


Will 120 Growth work for you?  There’s a quick and easy way to find out.  Click the button below to take our free online assessment to Discover Your Growth Potential with the 120 Growth Framework.


Business Leaders

Business leaders love working with 120 Growth because we help them stay focused on the exact activities that drive quantifiable results.



Entrepreneurs love us because we help them stay focused on the activities that create competitive advantage and drive measurable financial performance.


Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing teams love us because we help them get better results from their efforts.



Investors love us because we help them grow the equity value and of their investment while making it more attractive to future investment.

Growth Can Be Difficult…

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The 120 Growth Value Promise


1% Change - 20% Growth Promise

We will help you identify a clear, quantifiable path to 20% annual growth using only 1% improvements to a few key areas.

120X ROI Promise

The opportunity identified through the 120 Growth Catalyst will be at least 120-times greater than the fee paid for the service.

Quality Promise

We guarantee the time spent with us will be worthwhile, or we will work with you until you are satisfied.

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Real-world case studies from our clients detailing the strategies they used and the results they achieved with the 120 Growth Framework.

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Tools to help you identify, evaluate, and execute on growth opportunities.
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